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Of all the five senses, scent has held a special place in people’s hearts for as long as we can remember. Scent is inherent to life itself, from appreciating the tang of freshly zested lemon to soaking in the lingering presence of a cookout in the summer sky. From here we develop a deeper connection to the moments we experience. In essence, scent is a defining factor of how we process a moment that should be treated with great care. To take it for granted is throwing away aprecious gift and here’s why.

History and Benefits of Aromatherapy 

The utilization of aromatherapy is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years to the Chinese and soon after to Indian, Egyptian, Greek, and Persian culture. The ancient world understood that there are secrets locked away in the intentional cultivation of an herb garden and in the welcoming embrace of wildflowers. These cultures soon incorporated the use of scents and essential oils into their lives from medicinal usage to spiritual practices and the knowledge they gleaned follows us into today’s age. 

Healthline provides a comprehensive list of medical benefits provided by aromatherapy ranging from pain relief and immunity boosting properties to increased mental wellness. It can also be used to target specific conditions such as asthma, sleeping disorders, arthritis and countless more ailments. 

Each individual scent unlocks numerous benefits and quickly become powerhouses when paired with complementary scents. For instance, citrus oils are known to boost your mood and lessen anxiety, offer immune support, and energize you. Amber oils are known to do wonders for your respiratory system, as shared byNifty Wellness, and can help relieve asthma along with symptoms of illness. It’s also a great scent to have in your bedroom if you’re seeking assistance in falling asleep. Another great scent for insomniacs is sandalwood as it supplies calming effects that range into the realm of sedatives. Sandalwood’s calming powers are also found to ease migraines. The possibilities for aromatherapy are truly limitless. You may be surprised to find that some of your favorite scents have also been helping you for years. All it takes is a bit of research and you’ll find endless blends and benefits at your fingertips!

Scent and Memory

The power of scent is not limited to health. Jean-Paul Guerlain is credited with having said, “Perfume is the most intense form of memory,” and scientists would have to agree. According toPsychology Today, memories are triggered more strongly in the limbic system by smelling specific scents associated with particular memories than by hearing verbal cues. Out of the five senses, scent is the one most tied to the creation and recall of memories, particularly those with emotional ties. There is nothing as sweet as being able to smell your mother’s perfume or the scent of raspberry pie baking in the oven or the faint spices of autumn and being brought back to the precious years of your own childhood. You have the power to define the emotions your home evokes and you can bottle your memories through the scents you choose so that far in the future, you can sit back and let them revisit you as you light a candle or use a diffuser. As Thalassa Cruso once said, “The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that have left the conscious mind.” What a wonderful way to experience the world. 

How Reed Diffusers Work

Reed diffusers are elegant but simple devices that consist ofthe scented oil of your choice, the glass container, and wooden reeds. To begin using your own, gently shake the container to ensure that the oils are blended and then carefully uncap it. Place your wooden reeds inside of the oil and arrange them to your aesthetic liking. The reeds absorb the oil into them and pull the oil up towards the exposed top of the wood, releasing the scent through small openings. A quick tip to remember is that the more reeds you add, the stronger the scent will grow but the quicker you will use your oils. Be sure to place your diffuser in an area that is often frequented and give it plenty of space to breathe so it may share its lovely aroma with you.

How to Care For Your Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers require a bit of care to keep them working to the best of their ability. Once a week you should gently swirl the oils in your jar to prevent them from separating. Flip the reeds every few days to keep the exposed ends saturated with oils. Remember to keep your diffuser in a more exposed, high traffic area of your home to promote air circulation and allow the scent to spread throughout the rest of your space.Reeds can be replaced over time but be sure to purchase quality wood or else much of your oils may be wasted.

Why Choose Reed Diffusers Over Other Aromatherapy Products

Make no mistake, there are benefits to choosing reed diffusers beyond their sophisticated appearance. Unlike electric diffusers which must be plugged into a wall or charged, reed diffusers take the greener approach to life, demanding no power and instead only asking for a quiet spot in your living space. Where candles create a cozy atmosphere, they should not be left unattended lest a fire begin whereas reed diffusers are perfectly safe to leave out thus allowing them to consistently disperse their pleasant scent throughout your home. Many people avoid aromatherapy products because they are sensitive to the overpowering aroma of pure essences or chemicals in artificial sprays, however with reed diffusers, the dispersion of scent is gentler and lighter than most products which makes them a perfect fit for anyone with a delicate nose. 

Where to Buy The Right Reed Diffuser for You

At  Southern Elegance, we offer a wide array of scents for you to choose from. Think about the mood or benefits you are hoping to cultivate in your home, whether it’s cozy and warm or light and summery, and we’re sure you will find a scent suiting your purpose in our repertoire. Be sure to check out oursignature scents! Just click on theShop Product menu at the top of our page and you'll find our  Diffuser with Reeds tab. We can’t wait to share this delightful experience with you!


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