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Wax melts have become quite popular over the last few years. They can be found just about anywhere-- from retail outlets to online shops. However, despite the abundance of options, many people are still confused as to what the appeal of wax melts are and how to properly use them. Have no fear! We’ll walk you through it.

What Is Needed When Using Wax Melts?

Only two main elements are required: a wax warmer and the wax melt. Warmers are generally separated into two major categories: the more traditional tea light wax warmer and the modern electric warmer. Both are effective and evoke different vibes for a home. 

Traditional warmers are a combination experience as there is still a small wick based candle involved that sits below the dish that holds your wax melts. 

Electric, as the name implies, plugs into a wall outlet to produce heat.

Most importantly, be sure to only buy warmers specifically made for wax melts! They are common and affordable so this shouldn’t be an issue. The danger of buying a warmer that isn’t made for this purpose is that it may heat above the level needed for a wax melt, causing the wax to boil or bubble over.

There are a large variety of melts to choose from as they vary in size, shape, scent, and color. Unlike candles, they are wickless and their scent throw is activated by resting in the dish of a warmer which slowly melts them (hence the name wax melt). The fragrance is released gradually as the wax is melted. It is necessary to only have one or two melts in your warmer’s dish at a time; this prevents waste and messes from wax spillage.

The size of your warmer is also determined by the size of the space you plan to place it in. If it’s only a restroom or a hallway, opt for a smaller warmer.

Most melts are made from paraffin or soy wax with soy wax producing the cleanest and longest melt. 

Southern Elegance’s Jumbo Wax Melts are made from a premium handpoured soy wax blend! With our Jumbo size, we recommend only melting one melt at a time.

Staying Safe

As with any home accessory, there are a few rules to follow to keep you and your loved ones safe. Don’t let anything rest against a warmer while it is on or still hot. This can cause a fire or damage to the item and the warmer, not to mention it could release dangerous chemicals into the air. Likewise, be sure to tuck any excess cord length away to prevent an innocent passerby from snagging it and knocking it over. This will certainly save you from many messes and burns!

For those of you with wild ones in the home-- be they children or pets-- it is necessary to keep the warmer out of reach. Curious hands wander and furry tails recklessly knock things over.

Be wary of the warmers exterior since it can grow hot to the touch. It is often best to leave it be until it has been removed from its energy source and allowed to cool.

Making The Most Of Your Melts

You may notice that wax doesn’t evaporate. This means you may reuse each of your wax melts as much as you’d like since it will take hours to completely burn the scent out. Southern Elegance’s Jumbo Wax Melts last for 20 hours! Simply leave the melted wax in the warmer between uses.

Getting Creative!

Wax melts provide a few ways to showcase your creative spirit that candles don’t. To begin with, there’s the aesthetic appeal of the wax warmer. Whether you go traditional or modern, this is where your style shines through! Picking a wax warmer is loads more fun when you make your choice based off of a combination of function and design. From ceramic to tin to plastic, from floral to quotes to faux wood, the possibilities are truly endless. Wax warmers fit a space best when they match the vibe of the room visually. A quick Google search will lead you to the wax warmer of your dreams in no time!

Next, there is scent to think about. It’s all well and good to plop your favorite scent into your warmer without a second thought but unlike candles, melts are much more adaptable to your spontanaity. Cut a melt in two and combine it with the half of a different scent. Who knows, you just might invent your new favorite scent!

Clean Up

Clean up is easy with wax melts though there are a few variables to take into account. Most importantly, before beginning cleanup make sure the warmer is no longer connected to its power source and that it has cooled down to a temperature that won’t cause harm.

 For people who need or want virtually no clean up you can purchase wax liners online. In the same way a coffee filter is added before adding coffee grounds, place the wax liner in the warmer dish before adding a melt. When you’re finished with the melt, remove the liner and toss it in the trash.

There are also more eco-friendly options like reusable silicone liners. With these you turn them inside out over the trash and wipe out the leftover wax with a damp paper towel.

If none of that appeals to you, place a few cotton balls into the warmer’s dish while the wax is still fluid. The cotton will soak up the excess until you only have a light film to wipe off with a damp towel.

As you can see, wax melts are not only easy to deal with but fun! We highly recommend you get started on your own wax melt journey today.


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