(Custom) Your City on the Label: Mason


*** During the checkout process, in the comment section, please include the city/destination name, the fragrance and the name of your location as you like for it to appear on the label.*** 


Fragrance Options

Year-Round Options

Basil & Mint

Bergamot & Grapefruit

Bergamot & Tobacco

Blueberry Indigo

Cherry Blossom

Cedarwood & Juniper

Fresh Linen

Grapefruit & Mint



Lavender & Sage

Lemon & Vanilla

Mango & Tangerine

Ocean Breeze

Onyx Pomegranate

Orange Chili Pepper

Pineapple & Coconut

Red Currant

Raspberry Sangria

Sea Salt & Orchid

Sweet Pea

Teakwood & Amber