Quick Selection: All Southern Sayings Collection (9 oz Scented Candle)


1) Not Today Satan (Lavender Scented Candle)
2) Southern AF (Citrus & Sugar Scented Candle )
3) Rise & Shine Mother Cluckers (Pink Grapefruit Scented Candle)
4) Faith can move mountains (Rose Jam Scented Candle )
5) I love Jesus, but I cuss a little (Peach & Champagne Scented Candle)
6) Wake! Pray! Slay! (Orange & Amber Scented Candle)
7) Bless your heart (Fresh Linen Scented Candle)
8) God don’t like ugly (Oakmoss & Amber Scented Candle)
9) Sweet, Sassy, and Southern (Cake Scented Candle)
10) I Gotta Good Heart… But This Mouth (Vanilla Scented Candle)
11) Raised on sweet tea and Jesus (Sweet Tea Scented Candle )
12) Momma knows Best (Rose Jam)
13) Southern Sass (Peach & champagne)
14) Life's a Beach (Driftwood & Sea Spray)
15) Jesus Be a Fence (Honeysuckle & Jasmine)
16) Get Behind Me Satan (Pineapple Sage)
17) The Lord Knows My heart (Tobacco & Caramel)